Mingbao takes “customized product” as its main business, which is the basis for Mingbao to serve its customers. It keeps improving its capability of "product customization service", aiming to research and develop characteristic and diversified products to comply with demands of different customers and different scenes.

Provincial research institute

  • In 2020, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences approved the establishment of "Zhejiang Mingbao Provincial Enterprise Research Institute of Plant Deep Processing Technology".
  • Mingbao has a professional, innovative and energetic R & D team, and keeps introducing R & D talents in the fields of tea, pharmacy, food science and engineering, food quality and safety, fermentation engineering and agricultural product processing, accounting for over 15% of the total staff.

Core technologies

The core technology of the whole tea industry chain:
  • tea baking and fragrance enhancing technology

  • ultramicro tea crushing technology

  • countercurrent dynamic extraction technology

  • tea bitterness and astringency reducing technology

  • comprehensive utilization technology

independent research and development patents
invention patents
Core patented technology

Scientific research findings

Through independent R&D and industry-university-research cooperation, we achieve transformation of 6-8 scientific research achievements, and have obtained 7 provincial-level novel product appraisals in total. The projects that we participated have been honored the provincial/ministerial-level awards for multiple times.
4 awards
First Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award
Second Prize of Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award
Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of China National Food Industry Association
Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award (Individual)
7 items
novel products: novel product appraisal

Technological innovation


We have built an enterprise innovation incubation platform and plan to conduct at least four innovation projects per year.

Based on Jingshan Matcha base, we promote to solve the Matcha plasticizer problem and carry out application development.